This is Skin Care Based on Age

Everyone, regardless of age, is sure to have a that is sleek, smooth, and soft like when he was a baby. Many people who aspire to clean white skin are no exception to the artists.

The desire is certainly legitimate but should be coupled with a level of knowledge about deep skin care. Do not let you do skin care at will only, without based on the knowledge of proper care and is recommended.

Why should it be done? Because the skin type of each person is different and very dependent on the age level. Here is a skin care based on the age level of each.

Baby and Child Skin Care
Before doing skin care on infants and children, you should know in advance their relatively thin skin characteristics with a thickness of only about 1 mm. Therefore, the skin of infants and children will be easily irritated by chemicals.

Skin care in infants and children can not be equated with adults. When using cosmetics should be very careful considering the baby’s skin condition is easily exposed to irritation.

When using a cleaner, choose a mildly alkaline soap and avoid using soap containing certain active ingredients such as mercury iodide, tribromo salicylanilide, and others.

You should also avoid antiseptic powders such as boric acid and others. The use of baby oil is an effective emollient but when its continued use will lead to miliaria especially in the tropics.

Youth Skin Care and Young Adults
When your child has entered adolescence then the activity of hormone formation becomes increased and sebaceous glands become large and active.

Likewise, with the addition of layers of skin fat, hair, and facial skin to oily increased sweat production, and skin conditions affected by the menstrual cycle.

It is worth noting that skin types in most teenagers are the type of oily skin, but there are also normal and dry skin types.

So talking about treatment on the skin of teenagers and young adults is related to the type of skin respectively. For oily skin, skin care and cleansing can be done by:

Use cleansers several times a day with warm water and water-based cleansers such as cleansing milk, soap, and cleansing lotions.
For those who have oily skin, avoid the use of cosmetics such as moisturizers, foundation cream, and others. Why is that? Oily skin has naturally produced a lot of oil.
Perform thinning by using scrubs to remove the layer of fatty impurities along with a dead skin layer that has been released on the skin surface.
For normal skin, the type of treatment is mediocre. In the sense of not needing any kind of special care and cleaning like on oily skin.

In dry skin, in principle, treatment can be done by maintaining skin moisture and is recommended to use oil-based cleaners.

Skin Care at Older Age
Skin description in old age is a little water content, collagen becomes less soluble, skin becomes thin, dry, and also looks wrinkle.