Sunglasses: – Fashion Accessories for Your Eyes

Never have there been so many fashion sunglasses styles and colors to choose from whether you are shopping for designer sunglasses, replica sunglasses, prescription sunglasses or sports sunglasses the choices are endless. Besides protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, eyeglasses, also play important roles in showing your personalities and adding complement to your wardrobe.

Not sure whether we have the right sized glasses for you? Try glasses online with E Try-on™ before you buy. E Try-on™ will accurately size the glasses on to your portrait photo so that you will know the exact size of the glasses in relation to your face.

Not sure what lenses to choose for your glasses? We have developed a lens recommendations programme that provides you with the lens options that are best suitable for your prescription.

All of our prescription eyeglasses come with free UV-protective coating, free scratch resistant coating, 30-day money back guarantee against prescription accuracy and 12 months manufacturers’ warranty.

At the same way eyeglasses do help you look cool but more fashionable, they protect your eyes from negative effects of sunlight and ultraviolet rays among many other things. Excessive exposure to the sun as well as the sun’s glare will harmfully damage your eyes. They also help prevent wind damage and dust particles from hurting your eyes over the long term. We must have some precautions that can protect our eyes by harmful things.

Optical Direct Online Store – is proudly Australian owned, run by experienced optometrist.

 We are dedicated to provide you with fashionable, top quality eyewear at affordable prices. Our mission is to become a true online optometrist that offers you the kind of services that you would receive in a local optical store but at much less cost.

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