Never Go Out of Style with Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have been around for decades, and they continue to become more fashionable than ever! A pair of aviators is a must in your eyewear collection!

With all the kinds and styles of sunglasses, one style has remained popular throughout the decades – aviator sunglasses. Although it was first developed by Ray-Ban way back seven decades ago, it has never run out of style and is considered a fashion staple. You surely know what aviators are – those teardrop-shaped, dark, oftentimes reflective lenses with sizes twice or thrice that of the normal eye socket, and the metal frames with either wire templates or paddles.

Touching a bit of history, the popularity of aviator sunglasses started way back when military and naval pilots realized that protection from the sun and glare through sunglasses is helpful during their missions. The popularity skyrocketed even more during the 1960’s as celebrities started wearing aviators. This reached a peak when celebrities like Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer sported this eyewear in blockbuster films like Top Gun.

Through the decades, aviators have been adopted by various designer eyewear brands. There are a wide range of choices available today for aviator sunglasses. Do not be surprised that this eyewear still has that teardrop-shaped Ray-Ban look, since it is what remains unique to this type of sunglasses.

There is definitely something about the style of aviator sunglasses that make it persist through the decades. Anyone who wears them as a fashion accessory will easily establish his or her presence. Yes, this means that aviator eyewear is unisex – for all men and women who would like to make their own fashion statement.

The impact that aviator sunglasses creates is quite powerful. Just one look of a pilot, a police officer or a navy officer in aviators, and you know how aviators exude power that no other piece of eyewear can. The same impact can be felt for a man wearing aviators in khaki slacks and leather jacket, or a woman wearing aviators in tailored trench coat and scarf around the neck. With fashion statements like these, you will surely draw the attention of anyone in a room, even by the sidewalk. What makes them even better is that they never seem to run out of style. Coupled with the right clothes, you can carry them with style in the years to come.