Louis Vuitton: Long-time Luxury Luggage and Accessories

Louis Vuitton purses have an extensive and fascinating history. Started in the mid-1800s by a thirty-three-year-old Parisian travel bag maker, the Louis Vuitton brand¬† is considered to be the longest running designer of haute couture travel items and fashion bags. According to the work The Riches of Paris written by author and historian Maribeth Clemente Louis Vuitton’s travel bags were some of the first that simplified carrying luggage when traveling. Designed to be more easily stored for vacationing and travel, Vuitton’s designs offered convenience and style. Louis Vuitton bags are known by their famous warm yellow and chocolate colored checkered design called the Damier Pattern and the famous LV monogram that appears on every single product. Since the time of its beginning, Louis Vuitton travel merchandise have forever been handmade. This show of pride in its goods is one reason that this luggage draws shoppers to Louis Vuitton products. Those who want this type of quality craftsmanship, really must consider wholesale handbags if they want an economical option for fashion.

Louis Vuitton bags are rather popular around the world. Subsequent to creating a sensation with its Paris location, the company began to move in locations other than Paris. Then in, the year 1885 the Louis Vuitton and his company started an additional shop in London, England. As World War I began in 1914, stores had commenced to open all over the world. America, South America, Africa and Bombay, India were home to Louis Vuitton boutiques. In hopes of being able to gain the attention of the global consumer marketplace had begun. The late 1970s witnessed the establishment of a LV brand distributorship in Tokyo, which started the brand’s spread throughout the world. In 1984, South Korea watched its new¬† Louis Vuitton store. In 1992, the Louis Vuitton corporation started its new shop in China. As examined by The Cult of the Luxury Brand by Chadha and Husband, this company has since emerged as a reigning name in China.

With the brand name’s status,worry about imitation Louis Vuittons is a key issue in the business. The LV logo was designed to deter imitators from recreating the products’ distinctive style. Yet, this pattern has been copied by so many people who wish to make money on the back of the company’s achievements. Some imitation Louis Vuitton products are very expensive to the misfortune of those unlucky enough to have bought one. The corporation is so concerned about this widespread counterfeiting that it has begun to take drastic steps to address this concern. As found in an article from 2006 reported in Great Britain’s news syndicate, The Times, there are approximately 60 or so people on staff whose main goal is to investigate counterfeiting rings . This fashion house does not like to get swindled out of earning or see its valued patrons swindled by avaricious knock-off artists.

Still, the corporation is not in fear of going broke as it is worth billions. Its recognition and history still astound fashion lovers, celebrities and fashion-conscious women worldwide . With fresh products, revamped traditional designs and recognizable standard pieces, Louis Vuitton continues to hold its position as a leader inin the high fashion world. Its accessories, luggage collections and purses continue in their ascent. These days, from catwalks to high fashion shops to the dressing rooms of women from every walk of life, Louis Vuitton bags are a fundamental of those who appreciate the company’s useful and trendy approach to style. And if you want a Louis Vuitton purse, at an affordable cost, think about a wholesale handbag, so you can possess a little piece of designer fashion.