Jewelry Trends in Different Countries

This week we are going to take a look at jewelry trends in different cultures and countries.  We will of course look back at history to see how it helped mold the jewelry fashion industry into what it is today.  We will focus on specific countries throughout this week and then showcase of few of Gilbert and Frech’s uniquely original designs and see how the influence of style and culture helped to create them.

Some of the earliest pieces of jewelry that were created out of precious metals and gemstones were found in the country of Egypt.  Egyptians mainly used gold and fashioned many items out of this very malleable metal such as armlets, bracelets, head adornments, rings, earrings and even collars.  Greece also was making their own fashion trends during the BC era and the trend at that time was using beads and designing them into shapes that represented nature such as flowers, shells or beetles.  Greece was wealthy with raw materials and started adorning their jewelry with precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and pearls.  Pearls became the most prized and precious gemstone in jewelry.  The most rare and beautiful were found in South India and the Persian Gulf.  During the 17th century is when jewelry became an adornment that was acceptable in everyday use.  France was a great influence on the jewelry industry during the early 1800’s.  Victorian jewelry became popular as Queen Victoria reigned and it began to be massed produced and sold all over the world.  During the 1950’s America made its mark with what people would refer to as the Hollywood influence.

Over the years many countries had their influence over the style and trends of jewelry.  As it was created and shipped to different parts of the world, other cultures added their own unique flare.  It will be fun to take a look this week at specific countries and see what the popular jewelry trend is in their culture today!  Will it be similar to what is popular here in America or will it be completely unique and different?  The world has become smaller with the birth of the internet.  Every kind of information is available to us know with just the tapping of our fingertips.  Just like that, we can type in and order whatever kind of jewelry we like from whatever country or culture we want.  It is truly an amazing thing.