How to choose a saree to go with your body shape?


A saree is one of the most traditional and graceful garment in the Indian culture. It dates to the 2500 B.C. when women started wearing sarees. It is not surprising that even today it still tops the go-to wear to any woman. Whether it is a party, office meeting, get-together, family functions or workplace, a saree always lights up the day for any woman. There are also some women who tend to be reluctant to wear saree to common places. Some feel they might be overweight to wear a saree, some might think they are lean to sport a saree; some might say they are not tall enough or short to wear a saree and avoid wearing them to places. This is one thing which is commonly mistaken for women, to think that a saree can be worn by women who are tall and fit.

The sarees available in the market today is enormous. Sarees are made up of different materials namely silk, cotton, polyesters, mixed cotton or Kanchi Pattu. Places have their own style of designing a saree. For example, in West Bengal, they are usually designed with gold or silver borders with large prints on the saree. On the other hand, Kanchipuram sarees are designed with temple borders and checks generally woven from pure mulberry silk. There are also many salwar suits online that are made of the material used in making a saree.

People are different from each other. Our bodies are different from the other person. Choosing clothes that fit our body is vital in making ourselves look bright and confident. For women who are short, avoiding big prints and heavy borders and picking thin borders will make them look tall. For tall women, it is the opposite. They can wear sarees with heavy borders and prints with a variety of colours. For women who are slim and lean, cotton and silk sarees with light colours will suit them well. Women who have a bulky body, tend to avoid wearing sarees. That is a common mistake to think that no saree will suit them. They can wear silk and chiffon sarees that will make them look balanced. Cotton and stiff fabrics are their biggest enemies as it will make them look broader. Women should always focus on draping the saree properly. If they don’t drape the saree properly, it will make them look shabbier. Blouse also plays a big part while choosing the saree. Women who wear heavy and dark blouse, they should complement it by wearing lighter sarees and vice versa.

With the market, wide as it is today, finding a saree collection for everybody is just a matter of time. One should not be unhappy if they think a saree will not fit them properly. There are different types of materials and designs to choose from, and with proper design, every woman will look beautiful as ever by wearing a saree that fits them perfectly.