How to Build a Killer Wardrobe on a Super-Tight Budget

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you are standing in front of your wardrobe and are unable to decide what to wear today despite of the fact that your wardrobe is overly filled?

This article will address this major problem and help you to build a killer wardrobe on a super tight budget so that you will never run out of variety.

Step 1: Analyze your life style

Before you start building your wardrobe first what you need to do is look at your daily activities and assess what type of clothes you need and in what quantity.

Start with making a list of your regular activities. Like going to work, gym, formal sittings, meeting friends, time you spend at home etc. make a pie chart of your activities so you know better what activities dominate the most

Focus on the area which occupies the largest part of your pie chart.

Step 2: sketch out your ideal wardrobe

Sketch an image of what your ideal wardrobe should look like in your mind so that you know what you exactly need for yourself. Don’t go into small details just concentrate on what you out look you want to carry and what are the most important elements of your style.

Step 3: choose versatile pieces that have maximum impact

Now you are ready to move to the next step of choosing versatile clothes. Choose those clothes that compliment your personality, signify your style and can be paired up with majority of the outfits to give you a new look every time. For example some t-shirts, a leather jacket, denim jeans, leather shoes and a formal suit serve as the basics of your wardrobe. On the other side statement pieces are not versatile enough to be worn in different occasions so restrict yourself from buying them.

Choose pieces that are neither too dressed up nor too dressed down. Just stick in the middle of these two extremes and you will be able to dress up in a great manner.

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Step 4: Find the best quality your money can buy

Get over this flawed assumption that high price means good quality. You can buy good quality outfits in an affordable price. First what you need to do is specify your price range and then go for the highest quality outfits that lie in that price range. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive clothes to look stylish.

Outfits that are well-fitted compliment your body giving you a stylish look. So if you buy new clothes consider getting them fitted according to your body by a professional tailor.

Step 5: Continue building your ideal wardrobe

You don’t need to spend all your money in a single go. Instead of shopping collectively for a period of six months, go to shop on a regular basis. Set a flexible budget aside for building up your ideal wardrobe so that even if you buy two good outfits a month you will steadily build up something bigger and better!