Fashion Jewelry – what’s hot for 2009?

So just what is hot this year in the world of fashion jewelry?

Well thankfully ‘affordable’ is the name of the game for 2009 – Beads, tribal jewelry and handmade pieces are hot, hot, hot! It seems the fashion world has taken notice of the global economic crisis, and instead of lavish diamonds and precious metals we’re talking wood, plastic, glass, crystals and non-precious metals.  Of course to us ladies diamonds and white gold will never be out of fashion but at least we know we can look fabulous for less this year.

Topshop, H&M and River Island have all responded to the new trends with beautiful collections, and we’re expecting the rest of the highstreet mainstays to follow suit.

For something a little different why not take a trip to your local flea market or car boot sale – vintage remains huge in 2009 and, with handcrafted jewellery all the rage, you’re sure to unearth some beautiful bargains.

Beads are everywhere this year in all shapes and sizes. If you can’t find a set to complete your outfit then why not try making your own, that way you can pick your own beads to perfectly compliment your ensemble, and you can be sure you’re wearing a true original. There are loads of jewellery making kits available online or from craft shops and it couldn’t be easier. What are you waiting for?

Brooches are also making a comeback this year, although some will say they never went out of fashion. Big, bold and colourful is the way forward so again, flea markets, car boot sales, jumble sales and vintage shops are the place to look. If you’re not into trawling round for second hand treasure then rest assured the highstreet stores will have plenty on offer.  

We’ll be tapping into our wholesale fashion jewellery contacts for the lowdown on what’s hot for 2010 so watch this space.