Fashion and Style

Did you know that all the outdated clothes that you have hanging in your closet can age you in a really bad way!

You should always upgrade your personal style transformation such as a makeover. The one good test of clothing is to see how your outfits can hold up in bad weather. When and where can you do casual, whether at work or for just going out partying. Matchy-Matchy doesn’t always work in the fashion world because sometimes you have to mix and match your outfits along with a little color. With the rules of wearing white after labor day doesn’t really apply anymore. In fashion, you’ll need to take certain risks without being afraid to strut your stuff in those outfits that you own. When doing make-up and outfits. You should wear less make-up. Sometimes wearing only lip-gloss is best for your look because it’s not too gordy and less is more. As far as the outfits go, don’t use too much color and do pair off some of the colorful outfits with a neutral blend because some colors end up washing you out and the hottest ultimate trends should be tested with bad weather to see if those outfits will last. If your outfit falls apart, it means that you’re wearing a cheap outfit. When you wear cheap clothing such as a polyester blend and not the good material, you’re only asking for your outfit to fall apart in about a month or two and not to mention the effect that it gives to our figures. Do you ever take off an outfit and you get a shock? especially when wearing polyester pants which gives off that velcro effect such as static cling when you rub the material together.
In fashion and style: You’ll need a good handbag, a clutch, and an overnight/weekender bag. Your sense of fashion doesn’t have to be predictable because that only goes for bad weather and not fashion.

Always remember:
Cheap material is not in. You’ll need to invest in better clothing and accessories that will last you for years at a time. When you’re looking for the right jacket. Always buy coats such as pea coats, leather, and parkas. With pea coats, you’d want to buy a double breasted pea coat which will last you for years at a time because it keeps you warm and stylish, You can’t go wrong there! Make sure you get the right leather brand such as a leather blazer made of lambskin. No colorful leather at all and if you do color, make sure it’s brown or black.

Newsflash: Colorful leathers are no longer in. Shoes! A must have One can’t get enough. Most men say well, how many shoes does one woman need? Will the men ever understand the logic behind all of that? No, not at all, because what they don’t understand is that shoes are meant to be loved and in order to remain fabulous, one must feel and look fabulous in every shoe and outfit that one owns. Always wear form fitting and over the top outfits. Accessories are a must have for the season.

Jeans: The mom jeans have to go because not only is it not flattering for your body, but for your bottom as well. You’ll need a great pair of jeans that you can do casual along with the workplace and going out afterwards. When dress shopping you should do Valentino because his clothing line is chic and stylish. Know this: Even the most festive outfit can look really great with a nice hairstyle. If your hair doesn’t look good, your outfit doesn’t look good, your outfit doesn’t look good, and when you’re having a bad hair day always accessorise with a headband to really set off your hair do, and headbands aren’t only reserved for long hair. It’s also great on short hair too. You could always go shopping on a budget especially if you shop at department stores such as Marshalls, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, and Burlington coat factory. You should always have a basic black dress hanging in you closet and you could go along way with a basic black dress. Sequin is good especially for a cocktail party. You should always show a little skin and you must have a classic white shirt, A classic white shirt goes with just about everything and can be pulled off with everything. A classic white shirt is instant chic. A little plaid doesn’t hurt anyone, and anything goes with the evening look. Always treat you little black dress like a canvas. You can always transform an outfit with accessories.

VIP: Always take care of your luxuries!
You should have a bag that’s functional for every occasion and you’ll need a healthy attitude to go with your wardrobe because you don’t want to be stuck with a dose of bad fasion. Put your loud clothes on mute because this isn’t mardi gras and no one wants to be with anyone that looks like a clown, this isn’t the circus.You should create your own style with a sense of decency.
In fashion and style:
The Marc Jacobs collection always make a woman go crazy because of the style of clothing he designed. Colorful trends are always great for warm weather. Fashion has a lot to do with imaging, and most women kill for fashion. Hosiery is always great as a fall and winter trend.
Always, remember one powerful suit can change a woman’s life and tweed is always a great fabric of fall. You might not be able to pull off certain trends from the runway, but don’t be afraid to dress and stand out with your look. You must release your inner diva.

And last, but not least:
You don’t need a lot of cash to look like a million bucks!