Chunky chains necklaces: A Fashion ‘Do’

If you feel like being a bit edgy this spring, then it’s time to get on board with one of the hottest jewelry styles of the season – chain link metal. Featured on the pages of In Style and on the necks of the style-setters like Blake Lively, this is one piece of jewelry advice you simply can’t ignore.

Reminiscent of 80s punk rock and 90s hip hop, gunmetal open chain link necklaces are back and they’re all the rage right now. With a layered or wound together look, these pieces can be eye-catching and chic. To add interest to a single strand chain link necklace, look for a piece with texture, try wrapping a few times or combine with other more polished jewelry for a fun flirty look. Chain metal jewelry is meant to be interesting, so don’t be afraid to play around by adding sterling silver or sparkly charms.

If you can’t see yourself piling on chain metal link necklaces, then try an asymmetrical style, with mini chains on one side and a statement flower or rhinestone knot on the opposite side. This is a more polished, yet still unique way to wear the trend. By incorporating heavier chains with more delicate or glamorous pieces, you’ll achieve a more balanced and feminine look. For a night out, try incorporating an oversized mesh chain link choker to pump up the volume of a basic black dress.

Chain link necklaces are playful and fun, so the outfits you pair them with should be too. For example, wear one casually with a simple t-shirt and cardigan. Or, play to the layered effect and try one with a t-shirt, open vest and skinny jeans. This style should look completely effortless – like you just threw on the necklace and let it speak for itself.…

The making of a fashion story

I have always loved fashion.
Even as a girl of 12 I would fill in all my notebooks with drawings of skinny long legged girls wearing all the latest fashions that I came across in the magazines of the day(Honey,Elle,vogue,Marie Claire,) or else I would invent my own fashions and draw them wearing my latest collection.
With this background though when I decided to study photography I didn’t think of fashion photography as my driving force.
When I got to Haddasah College in Jerusalem, my heroes in photography were those of the National Geographic.
The first photographic book that I purchased was one of Annie Leibovitz and Mary ellen Mark,both documentary photographers of note.
Even today although I specialize in fashion photography,I show it in many forms from many unexpected places.
For instance my last fashion shoot for shamenet did start out with a fashion influence.
In one of the many magazines that I follow I saw a photo from the fashion show of the house of Balmain and I thought that the style of the photo was very interesting,ie modern rock n roll.I entered the word balmain into the search engine in order to print out this image to show the team before the shoot.What jumped up was this photograph from a photographer by the name Balmain.
Since I was looking to combine clothes of L.A style with an atmosphere of nostalgia,this photo pointed me in the right direction.
A couple of girls in an open composition in a lane with attitude.
I went out to search for the lane.I found it in the area of the Scottish House where the lanes in its vicinity have never been “upgraded”They still retain their authenticity.
When I browsed through the location shots I decided to photograph the article with a feeling of perspective and depth and not exactly like in the Balmain shot which was set on a flat background.
The shoot was organized down to the smallest detail but the actual execution was far more compicated than what I had imagined.The reason was that I had picked the models according to their height as I wanted real fashion models as in my early drawings in my school notebooks.I requested models of over 1metre 80cms  but on the actual day of the shoot ,even though they were lovely ,they were not very experienced models and I spent most of my precious time in directing them on how to stand.The second photo was shot almost in the dark.
Usually I am very precise in arranging the shoot around the amount of daylight available to me,but this time I had to do the best in a forever diminishing light,which gives a dark haze to the photographs.
However when I finally could check-out the results of the day back at my studio,I realized that the shots taken in the diminished light were more attractive to me and so decided to treat the first shots in order to give them the same darkish effect.
Of …

Read in Style

The most popular brands of reading glasses are Scojo, Calabria, Amy Sacks, and Seeqa. These popular brands of reading glasses can be found via the world wide web in an array of various styles and prices. Scojo, Calabria, Amy Sacks, and Seeqa are various companies that offer the most popular brands of reading glasses to fit your specific style and taste.

All of these popular brands are offered for woman and men, as well as, unisex. So no matter what gender you are you can find a pair offered from Scojo, Calabria, Amy Sacks, and Seeqa. And unisex glasses can be ideal for that couple with a tight budget, making it easy and affordable (depending on your prescription of course), to share the frames.

Each of these most popular brands of reading glasses offers a style for everybody. If you’re looking for a sophisticated style set of frames then Scojo, New York brand reading glasses are for you. You can choose from different colors and sizes to achieve that perfect, sophisticated look. Are you the type of person that enjoys reading that great book on the beach? If so, then try out the most popular brands of reading glasses offered by Calabria. Calabria, a company based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, offers fashionable style reading glasses that give you that “cool” look while having fun in the sun. If you’re looking for a more classic style of reading glasses while reading the morning newspaper, then check out the Amy Sacks line of reading glasses. This way you can read without having to make a fashion statement. Lastly, if you are trying to make that fashion statement while reading in public, check out Seeqa brand reading glasses. They have many different flashy and “edgy” style reading glasses in a variety of neon colors. If your reading with a pair of Seeqa brand name glasses you’re sure to be noticed.

All of these popular brands of reading glasses cost between 25 and 75 dollars and can be ordered, with accessories as well, via the world wide web. So get your favorite pair of reading glasses and start reading that new book today.…

Prom Night Party Shoes

The Perfect Match

Prom night is one of the most important events in a young adults life.A special night, that will be remembered, for many years to come.Much time is more than often spent, carefully choosing a perfectly fitting and perfectly styled prom dress.  Every trick, in every one of those ‘fashion books’, can help find THE perfect dress.One that makes you feel, and look, absolutely stunning!  Now all you need is the shoes.Finding the right pair of prom shoes is essential, and every bit as important as finding the dress.These days, it really doesn’t have to be that hard!There are a few tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, that will help you make the perfect outfit, beautifully complete. 

When Style Means Everything

Silk Couture, Rhinestones, Gold, Silver, Bronze, a myriad of options. Strapped and dressy heels are always a popular choice, and if you can walk in them, why not? They look great with most of the dress styles, often chosen for Prom Night, and are elegant.  Plus, they make your legs look longer!  All the things a lady loves.  For most, a couple of inches is usually sufficient enough to create the desired effect.  Style is important, but some of the more practical aspects, with regards to your Prom shoes, have to be adhered to!  Or you might well end up suffering the consequences!

Practicality and Prom Shoes

That seems a contradiction in itself!  Is there a practical and elegant solution?  Strapped styles can look fabulously elegant, but if you find them a bit tricky to walk in, try a style which has an enclosed toe. Soft leather is best, and that extra bit of support can be the difference between you, and your feet, remaining elegant and upright, throughout the evening.  After all, no matter how beautiful they look, if you end up breaking a toe all that will be thrown out of the window.  Probably along with your shoes! 


No matter which shoe you opt for, it is important that your Prom shoes and Prom dress match in style.  Strapped sandals and high heels look great, but tend to suit more tight fitting dresses better.  Full skirted designs look fabulous with ballet style shoes or kitten heels.  The most popular colours choices seem to be shiny metallic gold and silver, and classic black.  There are usually only two options when it comes to matching colours.  The first is to choose one of the popular choices, the other is to dye them.  You can do this yourself, but it’s generally best to leave it to the professionals.

Learn to Love Your New Shoes

Do not leave buying you new prom shoes until the last minute.  It’s could be a big mistake!  Comfort should be of great consideration, make sure they are the right size, no matter how pretty they are!  Whenever possible, wear them around the house.  Just enough to take away the ‘newness’ of them, making sure you feel at ease in your fabulous new, …

Gucci Spring/Summer Collection 2009 Backpack

Gucci Spring/Summer Collection 2009 Backpack

Gucci Spring/Summer Collection 2009 BackpackIt is not anymore surprising to see Gucci handbags carrying innovative and appealing styles such as this Gucci backpack. If you are a girl in school time, owning a practical school backpack should be one of the important thing. You see, every morning we leave home, we always find that we have so many stuffs to bring along. While, almost everyone still want to appear elegant no matter how bulky everything could be. We just need a stylish bag to carry with us, no matter where it is.

Actually, a backpack is a must for a girl. Fancy backpacks were popular in the 1990s, and now it is back in fashion. Gucci is also dedicated to make it happen with their new medium leather backpack. Now, let’s take a good look at the Gucci Spring/Summer Collection 2009 Medium Backpack. It features beige/ebony GG fabric with leather trim. Besides, the backpack is decorated with some shiny golden tone hardware. The bag can be worn as hobo or backpack style trough its interchangeable hobo strap as well as adjustable backpack straps for your carrying options. It measures 13.8?L x 3.9?W x 12.6?H.

Now, it time to rock up to festivals or go city hopping with this practical and stylish Gucci backpack. Are you ready?

Author: Replica Handbags Review
Article Source: Gucci Spring/Summer Collection 2009 Backpack

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The Essential Elements Of A Fashion Designer

From An Egg To A Studebaker And Greyhound Bus, Mapping A Design Process Designing is a conclusion of ideas, a realisation, a time to put pen to paper or ask your bank manager for a loan. The most difficult thing for a creative thinker is administering ideas and managing processes, the two ways of thinking are poles apart.


Self discipline is the only way to overcome weaknesses, it’s something you can’t be taught, you have to learn it through practice. You have to prepare yourself to take the rigors of every day business activities, jab with your left and hook with your right, just like Ali did. Taking all your ideas and converting them into business propositions. This in its self is hard enough. Trying to get financial backing for blue sky is even harder. So, again you have to transpose your ideas into a logical, tangible context. Bank managers don’t want to see pretty pictures; they’re analytical and just want the facts and figures. Give them a business strategy.

Think Business Alignment

Develop a concept and visualise the organisations that link with your ideas, this creates a mappible course from beginning to end. Are your ideas and concepts in demand? Begin with the end in mind, research and be flexible enough to make modifications along the way, nothing is set in stone; often, it’s best to conscript knowledge and collateral from established industry members, so you can piggy back on their strengths. This is a proven method to get your foot in the door. It’s the difference between a cold calling and an introduction. “It’s not what you know, it’s about knowing who can advise you best” This fits with business alignment, because each step leads you closer to your goals.

The Fundamental Law Of Economics

Achieving your goals in the most powerful way is through influencing others and utilising the strengths that you yourself are lacking in. In economics we learn about maximising resources, its governing law is greater return for less effort. This comes into play through continuous improvement, doing the same things in a better way concludes less time and effort to achieve the same result. At this point your percentage of profit increases

The Beginning And The End

How does a bird egg influence the design of an automobile? Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. The 1950 Studebaker – Commander, The Greyhound Bus and the 1939 Pennsylvania S1 locomotive were all inspired by the egg. Renowned industrial designer Raymond Loewy insisted that the egg was the most naturally aero dynamic form, so he put his theory to successive practice in locomotive and automobile design. Further and less forgettable, he designed the Coke bottle, the Shell logo, the Kelvinator. In fact he delved into every industry, fashion and architecture, and in my opinion his stylised buildings (Greyhound Bus Terminal Louisville Kentucky) are second only to those by Frank Lloyd Wright.

A Creator

As a creative thinker and designer, I draw inspirations from historic …

Jewelry Business Plan

So, you might have heard that fashion jewelry is the most lucrative business in the world. Or, you might have a passion for shiny baubles and gifts. Or, you might be looking for a low risk, low capital business that you can invest in. Whether you are the next jewelry name brand or moonlighting on eBay after work, this article will help you to make sure you are informed about this business.

The number one thing you have to know about the jewelry trade is that it is not easy. If you think by making a purchase of some company’s minimum order and sell it here and there and somehow turn it into a million dollar business, then you are setting up for disappointment. I am not trying to scare you off, but I want to explain the pitfalls and help you succeed. Fashion jewelry is a GREAT business. And, there is money to be made. You can succeed with the right strategy, commitment, and execution. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources the Fashion Jewelry Industry has available to you.

When to start a jewelry business?

It is always a good time to start a jewelry business. Fashion jewelry is low-cost and high margin. The retail markup on fashion jewelry products is three to four key, meaning if you buy something for $5 then you can sell it retail for $20 if not more. So if you start in the business and work at it right, then there is potentially good money to be made.

The best time to start a jewelry business is RIGHT NOW or better yet a downturn economy. When the economy slows, consumer spending shrinks. People tend to downgrade the dollar ticket of the items they buy. Fashion jewelry is the perfect go-to good when the economy sours. Cubic zirconia earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and rings have the perceived value of diamond and gold jewelry at much less the cost. People wanting to save will certainly turn to our products when times are tough. The products have a reasonable retail price and a high-end look and feel.

Who is trying to start a jewelry business?

The average person starting out in the business is either an entrepreneurial minded person looking for an additional source of income or a retail or service business owner looking to add the jewelry product group to the counters.

What do you need to start?

Most people start with a limited budget and are understandably leery about how deep they should get in a new business. Buying inventory, selecting products, and the thought of finding customers to purchase the jewelry are most often what discourage people to join, stay, and compete in the business. Fashion jewelry is no easy business. But if you do it right, you could reap huge rewards.

1. My advice to customers is to make sure they truly want to do this business in the first place. What any wholesalers require from you is that …

Retro Sunglasses, the Way to Go

When it comes to sunglasses, is retro the way to go? You are probably seeing a lot of different designs of shades these days, are they new? Truthfully, there are really no new designs, just redesigns of a formerly popular style. In the fashion world, retro designs are everywhere–and sunglasses are no exception.

One design that has poked its head back into the fashion world is well known all over. Onassis Glasses, or the Jackie-O design sunglasses were popularized by the former First Lady Kennedy. After becoming Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, she flaunted this oversized style of sunglasses all over the globe. The style was so closely associated with her, that it has shared her name since the late seventies.

After fading from the public eye, the Onassis Glasses lay dormant for about thirty years. However, poised for a comeback, these sunglasses have begun making waves on red carpets and runways all over. The women credited for bringing back the infamous sunglasses are Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. Since then, Jackie-O’s have been seen on the faces of famous women and trendy-but-average Janes everywhere.

Another retro design of sunglasses that has made big waves recently is the cleverly named Aviators. Originally designed in the 1930’s for military pilots, Aviators were hot on fashionable faces in the 1960’s and 1980’s. True to their every-twenty-year trend, Aviators are back with avengance and have been favorites for men, and women, with style. It is particularly true that this style of sunglasses has caught on with the younger “MTV Crowd” more than with adults. Johnny Knoxville has adapted Aviators as his signature style.

Some styles of sunglasses have briefly shown themselves in fashion, only to never be heard from again. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There are those sunglasses the human race still feels a little silly about. However, let’s not speak too soon. These sunglasses could be waiting in the wings for their triumphant return.

OVER-Oversized sunglasses are one fashion faux-pa most of us would rather not make. The design is a retro tribute to the late Lady O when they are slightly oversized and conservative. However, when the sunglasses appear to be attempting to take over your face, you may have crossed the line into ridiculous. Save the supersized look for clowns and put this design back in the vault.

Another design that some hope will never return carries a soft spot in the hearts of many women. The Wayfarer sunglasses were first made popular by Hollywood’s bad boy, James Dean. After his death, these sunglasses were worn for a time, before slowly falling by the wayside to make room for the newer styles.

However, the Wayfarer was gone but not forgotten. The sunglasses made a double comeback on the faces of James Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, better known in the eighties as the Blues Brothers. The sunglasses with a clean black, square design were a perfect complement to their all black suits, hats and ties.

Wayfarers made one more comeback …

Fashion Books: Today’s Trends, Yesteryear’s Legends

There are several types of fashion books available today for every variety of interest in the fashion industry.

General fashion books fall into a few categories. There is the educational type, which will expand your fashion references and analyze design. This is perfect if you have an interest in the industry or dabble in design yourself.

Books on the marketing and advertising side of the fashion industry can also be of interest for the more business-minded or if you’re an entrepreneurial type with dreams of starting your own clothing company.

Other general fashion books are more consumer-oriented and will show you styles that are currently “in”. Some can serve as shopping manuals for picking out great pieces to start your wardrobe in a more stylish direction or enhance the wardrobe you’ve already got. Manuals of style can also help you pull it all together.

Books written by or about classic fashion designers like Halston, Cristian LaCroix and Coco Chanel or more contemporary designers like John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gautier not only give you a better feel for the iconic designs of these gifted artists but also insight into their personalities, backgrounds, education and fashion point of view.

Historical fashion books can be great fun and document the evolution of fashion from romantic and even more eccentric eras. Understanding the history of fashion often explains today’s trends–what’s old is definitely new again! Also, books on historical types of fashion design, like couture, are wonderful to learn about workmanship from the past that is so rare today.

Fashion fiction is a relatively new fashion book genre perfect for light summer reading and enjoyable for anyone who’s a serious fashionista–or just a fashion tourist–at heart. Whatever your level of interest in the fashion industry, there’s a book to satisfy your curiosity and certainly one that will do it with style.…

Louis Vuitton: Long-time Luxury Luggage and Accessories

Louis Vuitton purses have an extensive and fascinating history. Started in the mid-1800s by a thirty-three-year-old Parisian travel bag maker, the Louis Vuitton brand  is considered to be the longest running designer of haute couture travel items and fashion bags. According to the work The Riches of Paris written by author and historian Maribeth Clemente Louis Vuitton’s travel bags were some of the first that simplified carrying luggage when traveling. Designed to be more easily stored for vacationing and travel, Vuitton’s designs offered convenience and style. Louis Vuitton bags are known by their famous warm yellow and chocolate colored checkered design called the Damier Pattern and the famous LV monogram that appears on every single product. Since the time of its beginning, Louis Vuitton travel merchandise have forever been handmade. This show of pride in its goods is one reason that this luggage draws shoppers to Louis Vuitton products. Those who want this type of quality craftsmanship, really must consider wholesale handbags if they want an economical option for fashion.

Louis Vuitton bags are rather popular around the world. Subsequent to creating a sensation with its Paris location, the company began to move in locations other than Paris. Then in, the year 1885 the Louis Vuitton and his company started an additional shop in London, England. As World War I began in 1914, stores had commenced to open all over the world. America, South America, Africa and Bombay, India were home to Louis Vuitton boutiques. In hopes of being able to gain the attention of the global consumer marketplace had begun. The late 1970s witnessed the establishment of a LV brand distributorship in Tokyo, which started the brand’s spread throughout the world. In 1984, South Korea watched its new  Louis Vuitton store. In 1992, the Louis Vuitton corporation started its new shop in China. As examined by The Cult of the Luxury Brand by Chadha and Husband, this company has since emerged as a reigning name in China.

With the brand name’s status,worry about imitation Louis Vuittons is a key issue in the business. The LV logo was designed to deter imitators from recreating the products’ distinctive style. Yet, this pattern has been copied by so many people who wish to make money on the back of the company’s achievements. Some imitation Louis Vuitton products are very expensive to the misfortune of those unlucky enough to have bought one. The corporation is so concerned about this widespread counterfeiting that it has begun to take drastic steps to address this concern. As found in an article from 2006 reported in Great Britain’s news syndicate, The Times, there are approximately 60 or so people on staff whose main goal is to investigate counterfeiting rings . This fashion house does not like to get swindled out of earning or see its valued patrons swindled by avaricious knock-off artists.

Still, the corporation is not in fear of going broke as it is worth billions. Its recognition and history still astound fashion lovers, celebrities and …